How do I check my sump pump?

It is important to check your sump pump regularly to make sure that it is in proper working condition. Remove the cover and slowly pour water into the sump tank. Watch for the “float” to rise and trigger the pump. Once the pump is engaged, the water level will quickly lower and the float will shut off the pump. This is what is called “a normal sump cycle”.

Homeowners insurance usually does not cover basement flooding caused by ground water. And if they do, they may charge extra premiums, impose higher deductibles, or strictly limit the coverage. Once you’ve claimed this type of damage, the insurance company may exclude you from future coverage or even raise the price and deductibles to a very high rate.

If your basement depends on a sump pump, you need a backup sump pump! For a small one-time investment, you get basement flood protection and peace of mind. The back-up sump pump is inexpensive flood insurance.